Cawwing all Crow fans

Greetings to all you Crowheads out there.

I would like to invite every one of you Crowheads to a first of its kind online 3D virtual replica of "The Crows Loft" built in Secondlife and located in the sim "Devils Night".
It took roughly a year to construct the 25 room loft, complete with attic, working toilet and shower, doors, Vanity, Fireplace and even a live 24/7 stream of the movie "The Crow".  This is a tribute build to James O'Barr and Brandon Lee.  Im looking forward to eventually building "The Pit" as well, not to mention we are working on getting the streaming soundtracks up and running soon.  I hope to see all of the crow fans there. Come hang out and watch the movie for free or play pool, darts, chess or  russian roulette.

 ~ Eric Raven in Secondlife sends his regards ~

beach girl

A James O'Barr Appearance!

Art Love Magic is having their first Live Art Show "Reach", held at the South Side on Lamar, in the Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas. The show is 7:00-11:00pm this Saturday the 24th. Creative mediums include jewelry, sculptures, painters, Digital Artists and Comic Book Illustrators. There will be Spoken Word and Musical performances throughout the evening and beer and wine will be available for purchase. Admission is free, but there is a $5.00 suggested donation.

Artists' work is currently on display through the rest of the week. If you cannot make it to the show you are welcome to visit the gallery during open hours, 10-5.

For more info on this event go to

Christmas presents!

For Christmas this year, I got three Crow-related things:

--a fleece blanket with A red crow-shaped background, Brandon Lee standing with his arms open, and printed on the bottom is "Believe In Angels."
--The graphic novels/comics, in book form, full color, etc.
--a postcard that says, "Victims. Aren't we all?" It pictures Brandon Lee brandishing a large knife.
beach girl

Close to the Dallas area and want to meet James O'Barr?

James O'Barr, creator of The Crow, will be appearing at the Dallas Scaregrounds on Friday and Saturday October 28th and 29th. He will be creating original works and selling merchandise and signing autographs.

For more information, you may visit

Upon arrival, look for James at the Shadowmorph Booth.

Cross Posting to many Crow Communites. Please feel free to do the same. James makes much of his living by his appearances, so help from his fans in spreading the word is much appreciated.

More information on James can be found at

new member here

Hey everyone, I just found this community today. I'm a huge Crow fan, so I had to join! ^_^ Hm....what else?....I've been working on a Crow costume for a few years now, and during Halloween weekend of 2004, I won the non-rocky-horror costume contest with it when my friends and I went to see Rocky Horror.

I saw Wicked Prayer this summer, and I have to admit that I thought it was pretty terrible compared to the original (also, I think Tara Reid has about as much acting talent as a rock, so the fact that she was in the cast didn't help the movie much). Also, in my opinion, after Brandon Lee, no one else can even come close.

Hm....a question for everyone. As far as costume accuracy goes, do you think it is necessary for me to actually dress like a man, or can I leave it as a female version of the Crow?